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Welcome OMSF's new Research Software Engineers

The Open Molecular Software Foundation is happy to announce the addition of two extraordinary Research Software Engineers to our team, following a comprehensive search supported by our POSE grant award. Please join us in welcoming David W.H. Swenson and Ethan Holz!

Dr. David W.H. Swenson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. With a PhD in nuclear quantum effects in molecular dynamics from the University of California, Berkeley, David has an impressive academic and professional trajectory, including postdoctoral positions at the University of Amsterdam and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. At these institutions, he focused on path sampling techniques and spearheaded the development of OpenPathSampling. His prior role at OMSF as the Infrastructure Lead for the Open Free Energy project demonstrated his commitment to our mission and his exceptional ability to drive forward scientific discovery through open source software.

Ethan Holz joins us as an enthusiastic and innovative Research Software Engineer, with a solid background in software development, DevOps, and computing infrastructure. Ethan's passion for open source software and his knack for tackling complex scientific software challenges are complemented by his love for a great cup of coffee. His fresh perspectives and diverse skills are a valuable addition to our foundation.

As OMSF's first resident software engineers, David and Ethan symbolize a significant milestone in our journey. Their expertise will be instrumental in developing a shared infrastructure for our hosted projects, streamlining the process for our community to create, maintain, and contribute to groundbreaking software. Follow these developments here!

Dr. Swenson shares his excitement: "It's an honor to contribute to building tools that empower scientific software developers at OMSF and the wider community to pioneer new science."

We're excited for the future and what our expanded team will achieve. For those interested in learning more, David and Ethan will be at the OMSF Symposium 2024 in Leiden. To join us, please register via the link below!