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Join Us - Career Opportunities at OMSF


We are pleased to announce two new opportunities at OMSF, funded by the NSF POSE grant. These roles are vital in our mission to foster a resilient open source ecosystem for the molecular sciences.

  • POSE Research Software Engineer (RSE): Dive into software development, testing, and optimization, and play a pivotal role in advancing our software tools and applications.
  • POSE Technical Lead: Take on strategic planning, project management, and community coordination to guide our infrastructure projects to success.

Interested? Learn more about these roles.

Why Join OMSF?

  • Impactful Work: Join a vibrant community of top-tier talent in enhancing the open source/open science ecosystem.
  • Competitive Package: Enjoy a healthy salary, with comprehensive benefits including healthcare plans, 401(k) matching, and unlimited PTO.
  • Remote Flexibility: Work from anywhere, with support for home office setup and work-related travel.

Ready to make a change? Apply now and let us know your preferred role. We're eager to welcome new members to our team!