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Welcome Professor Jeffrey Gray to OMSF

It is our pleasure to announce the appointment of Professor Jeffrey Gray to our Board of Directors. 

Prof. Gray is a faculty member at  Johns Hopkins University where he leads a research group focused on computational protein structure prediction and design, particularly protein-protein docking, therapeutic antibodies, and glycoproteins, and deep learning. Prof. Gray is the co-director of Rosetta Commons and a long-time contributor to research software development, such as RosettaDock, RosettaAntibody, RosettaCarbohydrate, the ROSIE web server, and the PyRosetta interactive platform. His commitment to diversity, accessibility, and education in the scientific community aligns with OMSF's vision, making him an exceptional addition to our board.

We are excited to work together with Prof. Gray and Rosetta Commons on our joint mission to make better and sustainable research software – welcome!

Note: Participation by Jeffrey Gray does not constitute or imply endorsement by the Johns Hopkins University or the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System